Interactive Catalogue of Australian Fungi

Please cite ICAF as:
May, T.W., Milne, J., Wood, A.E., Shingles, S., Jones, R.H. & Neish, P. (2004). Interactive catalogue of Australian fungi, version 3.0. Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra / Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.

About ICAF

The Interactive Catalogue of Australian Fungi (ICAF) provides the currently accepted name and synonyms of species of fungi in selected groups described or reported from Australia to 2004.

ICAF covers macrofungi in the Basidiomycota and Myxomycota, including mushrooms, boletes, polypores, coral fungi, stinkhorns, puffballs, false truffles and slime moulds.

Under each accepted name, a comprehensive list of literature on the occurrence of species in Australia is also provided.

ICAF has been a joint project of Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne and the Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS).

ICAF runs from a database originally derived from the printed version of the Catalogue and bibliography of Australian fungi, published as Fungi of Australia volumes 2A and 2B. Preparation of volumes 2A and 2B and development of the database has been supported by grants from ABRS.

Following on from the project to compile the national names list for fungi for the Atlas of Living Australia, ICAF will be migrated to AusFungi. This new web interface, to be implemented in 2015, will cover all groups of non-lichenised fungi and fungoid organisms.