Welcome to VicFlora, the definitive online resource to the plants, fungi and algae of Victoria. 

VicFlora will be implemented in stages; the first stage will cover the vascular plants of Victoria, including flowering plants, gymnosperms and ferns. This currently consists of a census of current names, conservation status for Victoria’s vascular flora, and keys for identification. The listing for each taxon also provides, on a profile page, information on its classification and distribution. At the end of 2014, the 4100 species descriptions that had been digitised from the printed Flora of Victoria were added to profile pages for the majority of taxa. However, since publication in the 1990s of the hardcopy volumes of the Flora of Victoria, there have been over 1000 new species recorded for Victoria. Over a three year period, 1000 new descriptions comparable to the 4100 existing descriptions will be written by staff and a botanist supported by Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG) Foundation, a grant from the Commonwealth Government's Bush Blitz Tactical Taxonomy scheme, and RBG Victoria funding. Keys for identification are also being updated at this time. Images including illustrations, photos and scans of specimens, will be added to profile pages as they become available.